1. Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily Sun block spf-40

Price : Rs.245 (gm)

The consistency is liltle thin make skin look matte. It is tinted cream gives sheer coverage and non greasy. Suitable for all.
2. Lotus Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel pa+++ spf-50

Price : Rs.295(50gm)  / Rs.395(100gm)

It blends easily and gives matte finish, dont feel dry on skin. It protects against all form of sun damage.
3. VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Price : Rs.195 (60gm) / Rs. 315(100gm)

It can be use all skin type. Has a non- greasy texture and also not make my skin sweat. Oily skin should try it.


4. Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel SPF20

Price : Rs. 160(50ml) / Rs.285(100ml)

Feels light on skin and has a gel like consistancy. Applies smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky.

5. VLCC sweat free Sun Block Lotion SPF 40


Price : Rs.100(30gm) / Rs.325 (100gm)

It looks more of cream not as lotion. It doesn’t feel greasy. And its do protects skib from tanning.