Aloe vera gel can be used on both face and hair. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, Aloe Vera gel is the answer to every problem. You can use it in many ways. In India you can use these 5 aloe vera gel which gives the result in a affordable price.

Patanjali Alo Vera Gel :


Price– Rs.75 for 150 ml

They claims– Aloe Vera Gel for natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots.

Ingredients– Aloe Vera 90% W/V , Base Material – q.s , Permitted Colours – Tartazine Yellow and Brilliant blue , Vitamin E , Fragrance and Preservatives q.s.



Khadi Natural Aloe vera Gel

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Price– Rs. 180 for 200g

They Claims- It moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it’s perfect for anyone with oily skin.

Ingredients- Purified water, aloevera, cucumber extract, lemon peel extract, licorice, glycerine.



Bio Care Aloe Vera Gel :

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Price– Rs. 205 for 500ml

They Claims – Ideal for a softer, smoother and younger looking skin, Prevents ageing, Gives skin a natural glow, Nourishes & regulates sagging skin, Increases blood circulation, Long lasting moisturizing of up to 72 hours, Boosts skin with vitamin E & C, Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients- Aloe Vera extracts.


Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera Gel :

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Price– Rs. 90 for 150g 

They Claims – Aloe Vera is a world renowned plant for its cosmetic and medicinal miracle properties. Nature’s Essence Aloe Vera uses the goodness of this miracle plant from its natural sources along with modern manufacturing processes to offer you a treatment moisturizing gel ideal for softening the skin, protecting it from sun damage and acting as a guard and immunizing agent against skin ailments like dry skin, acne 7 itchy skin conditions. The gel is an ideal solution for gifting you soft, glowing and pampered skin.

Ingredients- Aloe Vera extracts & Peppermint oil, Demineralized water.


Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel :


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Price– Rs. 85 for 125 gm 

They Claims – Hydrating & moisturizing gel for face, body & hair. for all skin & air type.

Ingredients- Water, Aloe vera juice, Glycerin, Lavender oil, chamomile oil, carbormer, hydrogenated castor oil, polysorbate 20, sodium benzoate, 2 phenoxyethamol, craprylylglycol , ethylhexyloxe 12 propandion, sodium hydroxide, natural colour.